V4 Catwalk Turns (Incl. High Heel Walk)

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If you have enjoyed Skamotion's Walk for Victoria then you're going to love our new Victoria 4.2 Catwalk Turns for poser and for Daz Studio including aniBlocks for aniMate. In this package you receive the sexy Victoria Walks with morph ++ animation as well as being able to make her turn left and right and strut down the runway. For the poser user there are 8 pieces of animation, 4 short walks with turns and 4 long walks with turns. For the aniBlocks users there are 5 pieces of animation including the very popular Victoria High Heel Walk as well as left and right turns and stop and turn180. All of these blend together seamlessly with no pops or unwanted errors. This is some of the smoothest animation you'll find for Poser and Daz Studio because it's been hand animated and enhanced with morph ++ animation.

Animation Included
For Poser and Daz Studio
  • Left1
  • Left2
  • Left1long
  • Left2long
  • Right1
  • Right2
  • Right1long
  • Right2long

With these clips you'll be able to send Victoria down the Catwalk turning left or right at any point. She comes to a complete stop and poses like a professional model (with a bit of attitude).

 AniBlocks for Daz Studio

  • Walk_Heels_Bounce
  • TurnLeft
  • TurnRight
  • WalkStop
  • Turn180

With these new aniBlocks you'll enjoy designing Victoria walks and turns with seamless connections and no pops or sliding feet. She can turn and stop then start again and turn 180 degrees whenever you like. You'll have total freedom to make her walk down streets and turn around corners all with her amazing morph ++ animation.

Requirement Details

You can download Victoria 4.2 for free from Daz3d. The Catwalk Turns will work with the Victoria 4.2 Base but to really see the full potential of this motion purchase the Victoria 4.2 morphs++ Accessories from Daz3d. This will allow you to see Breast motion and facial expressions.

This animation is easy to apply in either Poser or Daz3d software. Simple instructions will be attached to your purchase on how to apply your animation to Victoria 4.2.

Collections: All, Victoria 4.2

Type: Turns

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