Gen 2 / V6 High Heel Walk

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This 37 frame, captivating walk cycle brings Victoria to life.

Required Products

Genesis 2
DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher
Not for Poser
Hairstyle and clothing shown are sold separately.

Collections: All, Genesis 2

Type: High Heel Walk

Animation Included

  • Bounce
  • No Morphs

Bounce refers to the breast and glute movement which has been hand crafted to produce a natural effect and facial expressions. No Morphs has no breast or facial animation.


    Requirement Details

    Simply apply this aniBlock to your Victoria 6 or Genesis 2 Female, and she'll be walking elegantly in no time. There are two pieces of animation included, both have the exact same walk cycle but one has all of the realistic, secondary bounce motions added in the chest. This will allow you to choose which one to use based on your needs. You'll never have to worry about sliding feet or a twitchy, broken animation with these walks as they are hand crafted to work perfectly with the new Genesis 2 Female(s) range. This animation is easy to apply and simple instructions will be attached to your purchase.

    This animation is an aniblock for DAZ Studio only and will not work in Poser (will only work in Mac when purchased via DAZ3D).




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